We recognize that an adult day program like ours is just a single piece of the total picture of care, so we work with family, caregivers, and the community to build a network of mutual support. We hope that you’ll join us in re-imagining how a senior day care program can provide the tools needed for optimal wellness.


Utilizing the latest research in positive psychology and cognitive health, we designed The Memory Spa to support engaging lifestyles and mental well being. We create a positive and healthful environment that allows participants to be at their best while enjoying a vigorous and engaged lifestyle.

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After compiling information from medical providers and an assessment by our team, we meet with each of our members to design a personalized Cognitive Rejuvenation Plan. These plans are goal oriented. To provide each member with the greatest sense of accomplishment, the goals are flexible, achievable, and personal. We have a comprehensive adult day program that will meet your needs.

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Our members are pampered with personalized assistance for everything from bathing to beautification. Let our friendly staff take care of you or your loved one. We can also arrange for haircuts, massages, doctor visits, and more to be conveniently provided in our contemporary and elegant spa area. (Additional costs may apply for some services.)

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There is no single solution for living at home with cognitive impairment. At The Memory Spa, we understand that memory loss, aging and dementia are a very personal conditions that affects every part of life. That is why we include a full evaluation of our members’ home living situation as part of our Cognitive Rejuvenation Plan.

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There is nothing as rewarding and fulfilling as caring for someone you love, especially when that means allowing them to continue living in their own home. The Memory Spa knows this isn’t easy. We have established partnerships to offer regular caregiver education and support opportunities, as well as technology and services to make living at home a more comfortable possibility.

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Contemporary technology is providing personalized solutions to support optimal living as individuals age. The Memory Spa works with several providers to connect our members with the latest in active aging technology. We want you or your loved one to live confidently, safely and be prepared for emergencies. These technologies aren’t perfect, of course, and we encourage careful consideration and discussion with a Memory Spa coach before putting them into use.

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